Brand guidelines

As a general rule, the GCWA only issues statements, supports publications or lends its name or logo for matters related to women and girls in the response to the AIDS epidemic. GCWA Secretariat is responsible for coordinating and clearing the content of any publication or statement where the GCWA logo or name appears. It may either approve directly or refer to the Steering Committee as a whole, or to the co-chairs for guidance.


Please be aware that the logo of the GCWA is the emblem of two female figures and the AIDS red ribbon with the text “The Global Coalition on Women and AIDS” in any approved language version.
A simplified version of the logo, the emblem of two female figures and the AIDS red ribbon alone cannot be used except when the main logo is also used prominently in the same publication/support.

Both versions of the logo, a well as the brand guidelines, are the ownership of the GCWA and may not be used on any support, off-line or on-line without prior written permission from the GCWA Secretariat.

The only exception to this rule is the use of the logo by active partners to indicate their membership of the Coalition in off-line and on-line supports. In such cases it should clearly be stated “A partner of ”, followed by the logo.


GCWA Publications and GCWA led publications: the GCWA logo should stand alone and other logos placed on a second level.

Co-authored publications: preferably use the alphabetical order criteria to establish position of logos.

For publications in which the GCWA Secretariat has not participated but endorses the publication, please add the following disclaimer: “This is not a GCWA publication and its content has not been revised or approved by the GCWA or its partner organizations. The GCWA does not warrant that the information contained in this publication is complete and correct and shall not be liable for any damages incurred as a result of its use.”

Brand guidelines in English (EN): PDF iconGCWA-Brand-Guidelines-Oct-2009-EN.pdf
Charte graphique (FR): PDF iconGCWA-charte-graphique-Oct-2009-FR.pdf
Manual de identidad corporativa (ES): PDF iconGCWA-Manuel-de-identidad-corporativa-2009-ES.pdf

Should you have any query related to thiese guidelines, please contact the GCWA's communications department on or on +41 22 791 4724.