Editorial style guide

The GCWA has drafted editorial style guides for all its printed and online publications with the foloowing objectives:

  • To ensure that all GCWA publications serve and support the mission of the GCWA
  • To provide consistency of language and messaging throughout all publications – in print and on line
  • To achieve high editorial standards
  • To assure that texts and photos can be quickly and easily edited
  • To make GCWA online content as easy to find as possible by assuring a common, core set of terms
  • indexed by search engines

Editorial Style Guide (English): PDF iconGCWA-Editorial-guidelines-Oct-2009-EN.pdf
Editorial Style Guide (Spanish):  GCWA-Manual-de-estilo-editorial-Oct-2009-ES.pdf
Editorial Style Guide (French):  GCWA-Guide-de-style-editorial-Oct-2009-FR.pdf

Should you have any query related to this guide, please contact the GCWA's communications department on info@womenandaids.org or on +41 22 791 4724.