CSW / UNDP: Beijing + What? campaign

05 Mar, 2010
  • Location: DNew York, Church Center, 11th Floor
  • Date: 5 March 2010 from 11-11.30am

The overall objective of the campaign is to strengthen what the women are doing by highlighting the BPFA gains.  The campaign will focus on monitoring gains in five BPFA critical (thematic) areas using photographic posters and quick to read publication from different countries in the SADC region where relevant OGB  partners are taking the lead.

The selected five thematic areas of the BPFA are:
i)Gender Based Violence  with emphasis on violence against women.
ii) Women and Health with focus on gender, HIV and AIDS.
iii) Human rights as women's rights as across cutting issue in the BPFA 12 critical areas
iv) Women in power and decision making.
v) Women and Poverty with emphasis on MDGs

This event is co-sponsored by UNDP, AGM, Oxfam