GCWA at AIDS 2010

The Global Coalition on Women and AIDS is currently working with its partners on a coordinated action plan for the Vienna conference.  To learn more or share your projects, please contact the GCWA's Secretariat on info@womenandaids.net

 Partner resources for AIDS 2010

World YWCA

The World YWCA is a member of the Conference Coordinating Committee (CCC) representing women, young people and faith-based organisations and was also part of the CCC for AIDS 2008. As part of the planning committee, the World YWCA has worked to ensure that women and girls are integral to all aspects of the conference agenda.

The World YWCA has created several practical tools to help organizations prepare and participate at the Vienna conference
AIDS-2010: Guide to Community Involvement: A Guide to Community Involvement in AIDS 2010 was created by the International Council of AIDS Service Organisations (ICASO) to help better understand and participate in the international AIDS conference in Vienna, Austria, next year, from July 18-23.
More information on www.aids2010community.org

Attend AIDS 2010: Watch the World YWCA Video on how to write and submit an abstract: The World YWCA has developed a ten-minute video that provides a clear understanding of what an abstract is, as well as tips on how to write one.The video also includes a step-by-step demonstration of how to create a conference profile including how to submit abstracts online, apply for a scholarship or get involved in the Global Village.
Watch the video on : http://www.youtube.com/user/WorldYWCA

Salamander Trust / Sophia Forum

Salamander Trust and Sophia Forum have supported the creation and launch of Women in Europe and Central Asia preparing for Vienna 2010 and beyond a new website, launched in January 2010, primarily - but not exclusively - for women across Europe and Central Asia who are working on sexual and reproductive health issues affecting women and girls across this region.

This new website is designed to be a multi-lingual website, to enable women from the many different language groups across the region to share with one another the issues we face, the visions we hold and the work we are all doing to make these visions a reality.

 For more information, www.womeneurope.net