GCWA: Report of GCWA annual steering committee report now available

28 Feb, 2012
The GCWA secretariat is  pleased to share the report of the GCWA steering committee meeting, which took place 17-18 November of last year. The report includes a summary of key discussions, as well as of the decisions made by the Steering Committee at the meeting, which include:
  1. To determine the future course of the GCWA, an external evaluation will be undertaken. The evaluation will include examining whether the GCWA should continue in its current form; or, continue in a revised format; or disband the GCWA.
  2. The SC will meet in-person once the external evaluation has been undertaken to discuss the findings of the evaluation and determine next steps.
  3. In view of the upcoming external review, the SC will not be calling for new committee members. The five SC members that were due to leave the SC in December of this year were asked to continue until the next in-person meeting, in order to benefit from their experience throughout the evaluation process.
  4. Up until the time at which the external evaluation will be completed, the GCWA will only undertake work which it is currently already involved in, so as focus on the evaluation process thereafter. 
To read the full report click here: GCWA-2011-annual-steering-committee-meeting.pdf
Please feel free to contact the GCWA secretariat, should you have any questions.