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global: Civil society-led consultation on health-related MDGs post-2015

09 Jan, 2013
By: Global Network of People Living with HIV

See below a message from the Global Network of People Living with HIV:


GNP+ in collaboration with ICSS, SAA, ICASO and UNAIDS would like to invite you to participate in a consultation process to ensure that knowledge and experiences of key populations and communities affected by HIV will help shape the post-2015 development goals.

We believe that your participation in this process is essential to protect gains that have been made and to scale up the response to HIV in the coming years!

Concretely we invite you to:

1. participate in one of the Webinars that are being organized, so that you can be informed about the process and about what is at stake for us, and

2. participate in an online Survey which will help us to collect your feedback and input for the overall consultation process.

Your information will help to shape input that world leaders will discuss at the United Nations General Assembly in September 2013.


The webinars will provide you with background information regarding the UN process and how we can influence this process. Advocacy has been a driving force in innovating the global response to HIV and health in general. Concrete internationally agreed targets have been key in mobilizing countries, communities and funding. There is a real risk that the new development health goal(s) will not be ambitious enough to win the fight against HIV.

The webinar will also explain the main relevant questions that have been put forward in the consultation process. The webinar will take place on six dates for (max.) one hour (see below). You can join the webinar via You will be able to see the presentation and listen to the audio via this website.

Log in using Participant Access Code 3318019.

Please block one of these dates & time slots in your calendar and register via the link below the respective date.

January 9: 8 am NY, 1 pm UK, 8 pm Bangkok:

January 14: 8 am New York, 1 pm UK, 8 pm Bangkok

January 15: 8 am NY, 1 pm UK, 8 pm Bangkok

January 16: 8 am NY, 1 pm UK, 8 pm Bangkok

To log on to one of the webinars, at the time of a session either:

1. Go to and log on as a Participant by entering Access Code 3318019 OR

2. Click on the following link:

As an alternative, you may connect via telephone: U.S. & Canada Toll-Free: 800 734 8583, International Toll Participants: +1 212 231 2908.

You can dial-in to the toll free number via Skype. If you need an alternative dial-in number or if you have any questions, please contact Raoul Fransen: <> .

Post 2015 Survey

The Survey will build on the main consultation questions, but seek your feedback on a more detailed level regarding sub-questions that relate to your specific knowledge and experiences at country level and/or from key affected populations and communities.

The Survey is available now so that you can review the kind of questions beforehand. You can complete the Survey at any time convenient after the webinar, but we kindly ask you to complete the Survey before January 20 at the latest. The survey can be viewed at Please do not hesitate to contact Raoul Fransen if you have any questions at in case you have any questions.

We look forward to your participation in this critical consultation,

The Global Network of People Living with HIV (in collaboration with ICSS, SAA, ICASO and UNAIDS)