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Global / HIV: ICW Global adopts June 27th as International Day of Peace Towards AIDS

24 Jun, 2011
By: International Community of Women living with AIDS

JUNE 27: International Day of Peace Towards AIDS.

 Why June 27th?

We need one day to resemble the world, the necessity to work together to stop AIDS. Peace is a powerful tool to face human rights violations, domestic violence, stigma and discrimination in the society, at work, and in every bond weakened by violence. It is thus, for ICW Global, a chance to face Aids.

On June 27th, 10 years ago, the United Nations Declaration on AIDS (UNGASS) was held in New York, stating that HIV/AIDS should be considered a global emergency that requires immediate action. The UNGASS Declaration of Commitment provides a variety of resolutions and recommendations to help local, national and international leaders in their approach of the pandemic, in an integrated, effective and above all, fair.

We need to reinforce that commitment.

We need to improve global social response to the pandemic.

Joining forces. Women and men of all ages, creeds, races, ideologies. With the more diverse thoughts, citizens from all nations in the five continents.

We are seeking unexplored paths. Linking the commitment for a lasting peace, to thwart the devastating effects of the pandemic.

Contact information:
Telephone: (+54-11) 4328-2879 / (+54-11) 4328-2293
Address: Bartolome Mitre 811 Floor 2 (C1036AAO) Buenos Aires, Argentina