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Global / Human Rights: GCWA Statement on the International Day against Homophobia and Trans phobia

19 May, 2011

On the 2011 International Day against Homophobia and Trans phobia, and on every day, the Global Coalition on Women and AIDS joins partners in denouncing stigma and discrimination rooted in homophobia. Such stigma and discrimination, often coupled with violence and hate crimes, are barriers to an effective AIDS response and violate human rights. All forms of gender inequality, including those rooted in homophobia, impact the rights of people and fuels the transmission of HIV.

An inclusive and effective AIDS response must recognize and uphold the rights and needs of all people, including lesbian women, transgender and bisexual people, gay men and men who have sex with men. Laws that criminalise same sex relationships deepen the stigma and discrimination against these communities and violate their human rights. Other harmful practices, such as the rape of lesbian women, also violate human rights and must not be tolerated by States or societies. Such violations must be denounced, as remaining silent contributes to the invisibility of these communities in the AIDS response, which is also reflected in the lack of adequate and disaggregated data.

As we work towards the 2011 High Level Meeting on HIV/AIDS taking place in June, we call on governments to deliver on a world in which people of all genders:

  • Have access to comprehensive HIV services which address the visions, life-long needs, and rights;
  • Live free of stigma, discrimination and violence, and have their human rights, including sexual and reproductive rights, upheld at every level;
  • Are supported to be leaders and meaningfully engage in the HIV response;
  • Have access to information and education, including comprehensive sexuality education;
  • Have access to comprehensive HIV and AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support that reflects the reality of their lives;
  • Are able to access the resources that they need in order to achieve their goals.