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Women's Networking Zone: Submissions for sessions to run in the WNZ!

26 May, 2014
By: By Women's Networking Zone
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Submissions for sessions to run in the WNZ

The Women’s Networking Zone (WNZ) is calling for submissions for interested individuals and organisations to run sessions in the WNZ at AIDS 2014.

Special consideration goes to sessions that are for and by women living with HIV and young women. Submissions are due on May 31st 2014. To submit your application visit:

 Submission Process

All proposals will be reviewed by the program committee.
Presentations will be selected to provide a program that offers a comprehensive and diverse treatment of issues related to women living with HIV. 

Please submit you abstract by 31st May 2014 through survey monkey:

Authors will be notified by e-mail of the outcome of their abstract submission.

 Content of the Submission


The abstract will be used for selection purposes. It should be as informative as possible and truly represent the intended presentation. The abstract must include the following:

  • Title
  • Topic and 3 Key Words to help describe your paper
  • Name of author/authors and their organisations
  • One (1) paragraph of not more than 200 words. Include a statement of the aims of the presentation; sufficient information to allow a delegate to learn what may be gained by attending the presentation; and a strong concluding sentence in summary of the abstract.
  • A short personal biography of the authors( 50 words approx.)
  • Special consideration goes to sessions that are for and by women living with HIV and young women. Individuals will not be identified as living with HIV or as a member of a key population without their written consent. However, the organisers of the Women's Networking Zone wish to ensure that the zone is a forum in which gives voice to women living with HIV and women in key populations.

Abstracts are accepted on the following conditions:

  • Papers must be presented by the author/s. Proxies will not be permitted except in an emergency such as illness or misadventure.
  • The Committee reserves the right to accept or refuse any paper
  • The acceptance of an abstract does not imply provision of travel, accommodation or registration for the AIDS2014 Conference, nor any other costs associated with preparation or presentation of the abstract, or any costs associated with attendance at the AIDS2014 Conference.
  • You confirm that the submission has been approved by all authors.
  • The Committee reserves the right to allocate a session time or presentation type. Furthermore, to avoid duplication where more than one author or group of authors submits a suitable abstract on a similar topic the organisers reserve the right to request that authors work in collaboration to give a single presentation about their chosen topic.

Guidelines for Submission of Abstracts · Please thoroughly read and review these guidelines for the submission of abstracts in the Women's Networking Zone at AIDS2014.
Should you have any further questions regarding this call for sessions, please contact Sara Graham on


PLEASE NOTE that only the first author will be advised in writing with regard to the acceptance or otherwise of the abstract submission. The first author (as given in application) will be the main contact for correspondence about the presentation, however please also ensure that all co-authors/presenters’ email addresses are supplied.