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The latest from the GCWA

1 Feb, 2010

Brasil / Epidemic: Cresce o número de meninas portadoras do vírus HIV

Há dois anos, para cada dez meninas entre 13 e 19 anos que se descobriam portadoras do vírus HIV, existiam oito meninos.

26 Jan, 2010

Haiti / GCWA partner: Women Around the World Pledge Solidarity to Haiti

The Huairou Commission and GROOTS International would like to send a message of solidarity and support to Haitians who have faced unimaginable circumstances throughout the last week.  As the photos and news reports make clear, Tuesday's earthquake has brought extraordinary loss to an already impoverished nation.  All of us at the Huairou Commission want to express our commitment - through resources and action-that we will help to invest in rebuilding their lives and communities both in the short and long term. Originating out of post disaster experiences in India, Turkey, Honduras,

20 Jan, 2010

Europe / GCWA partner: Women in europe website launched

Women in Europe and Central Asia preparing for Vienna 2010 and beyond is a new website, launched in January 2010, primarily - but not exclusively - for women across Europe and Central Asia who are working on sexual and reproductive health issues affecting women and girls across this region. This new website is designed to be a multi-lingual website, to enable women from the many different language groups across the region to share with one another the issues we face, the visions we hold and the work we are all doing to make these visions a reality.  For more information, www.womeneurope.

14 Jan, 2010

Paraguay / Prevention-PMTCT: Menos contagio del VIH de madre a hijo

Mediante un trabajo colaborativo entre instituciones públicas y privadas, el 74% de las embarazadas –portadoras del VIH/sida– de nuestro país evitaron contagiar el mal a sus hijos, mediante una profilaxis oportuna. “Importantes resultan los logros obtenidos a nivel del acceso a la profilaxis para la prevención de la trasmisión perinatal del VIH.

13 Jan, 2010

Uganda / testing: Expectant mothers to take forced HIV tests

HIV tests will soon become compulsory for all expectant mothers as the Health Ministry carries out a Shs 2.3 billion merger of Sexual Reproductive Health (RH) and HIV programmes this fiscal year. According to Dr. Collins Tusingwire, a Senior Medical Officer in-charge of integrating RH and HIV services, the integration has reached 80% of all health facilities in the country. These include regional referral hospitals, district health centres and Health Centres (HC-3s).

12 Jan, 2010

2010 Red Ribbon Award Launched!

Nominations are accepted from December 1st, 2009 until February 28th, 2010. The call for nominations for the 2010 Red Ribbon Award is now open.  As in the past, the award honors and recognizes exceptional grassroots leadership in responding to the AIDS epidemic. Nominations are accepted from December 1st, 2009 until February 28th, 2010. The red ribbon is a global symbol in the movement to address AIDS.

12 Jan, 2010

Uganda/Prevention-PMTCT: Dokolo Women Hindering Fight Against HIV, Says Report

Dokolo District faces an upsurge in mother-to-child HIV/Aids due to inadequate sensitisation of expectant mothers on preventions, measures, a new report states. Health experts, who conducted the study, discovered that up to 35 per cent of expectant mothers who are potential carriers of the virus disregard preventive mechanisms and information offered at government hospitals, exposing hundreds of unborn children to the risk of being infected with HIV/Aids. "Our research shows that only 65 per cent of mothers in the past year responded positively to routine check ups to reduce mother-to-child H

11 Jan, 2010

World / gender inequality: Fund for gender equality announces more than US$9 million in grants to advance women's economic and p

Press Release Gender Equality Efforts by Civil Society and Governments in 26 Countries to Be Supported New York — The new UNIFEM-managed Fund for Gender Equality announced its initial allocation of more than US$9 million to 27 initiatives in 26 countries today. The recently-established Fund, a US$68 million multilateral initiative, is designed to advance innovative programmes which focus on women’s economic and political empowerment at local and national levels.

4 Jan, 2010

Mexico/Epidemiology: Diez veces mayor en mujeres la atención de ITS/VIH-SIDA

De acuerdo a los registros estadísticos del Instituto Nacional de las Mujeres (INMUJERES) siguen siendo los hombres los más propensos a contraer el VIH-SIDA, en específico los que tienen sexo con otros hombres, sin embargo de acuerdo a las estadísticas del Instituto de Salud del Estado de Aguascalientes (ISEA) para los jóvenes entre 15 y 24 años de edad prevalece la atención para las mujeres en cuanto a Infecciones de Transmisión Sexual (ITS) y VIH casi diez veces por encima de ellos en cuanto a los datos hasta el 28 de octubre del 2009. En materia a la distribución de casos de VIH SIDA en el

22 Dec, 2009

Uganda / Prevention: 'Less noisy' female condom proves a hit

Kampala — Ten months after being re-launched, a new brand of female condom has proven popular among a test group of Ugandan women, according to a study. FC2 was launched in February; the government stopped distributing the original female condom, FC1, in 2007 on the grounds that women had complained it was smelly and noisy during sex. "The new condom has improved features and will enable women to have a procedure within their control to give them more choices for prevention [of HIV and unwanted pregnancies]," said Vashta Kibirige, the coordinator of the condom unit at the Ministry of Health.




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