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22 Dec, 2009

Kenya/Prevention: Study shows young women would rather get Aids than fall pregnant

When it comes to choosing emergency contraception, young Kenyan women trust their schoolmates. They also trust the chemist, the Internet and their boyfriends.The only people they don’t trust are their parents One word explains why a 25-year-old woman we’ll call Jane lowers her face in shame when explaining why she had unprotected sex with a man she had known for only a month. Trusted him “I trusted him,” Jane says, averting her eyes and squirming uncomfortably in her seat. The next morning, the enormity of her decision sank in — what if she got pregnant?

20 Dec, 2009

South Asia / Epidemic: South Asians confront AIDS among monogamous women

WASHINGTON (WOMENSENEWS)--Ice was broken here in early December among three powerful groups of South Asian women. About 20 female parliamentarians, journalists and staff members of nonprofit groups in South Asia left Washington, D.C., with strategies they believed could reduce the current specter of women losing their homes after caring for spouses who died of AIDS, as well as aiding HIV-positive women who are unable to reach rural clinics and teens who aren't aware of how to prevent the infection. They were also carrying with them a loose agreement to work together within their region to sto

18 Dec, 2009

Senegal / Epidemic: Nouvelles infections au sida: 50% des cas diagnostiqués chez les jeunes

En 2008, 49.940 personnes étaient infectées par le Vih/Sida au Sénégal. Les jeunes font partie de la couche la plus touchée par la pandémie. Ce qui justifie la campagne de sensibilisation pour réduire la transmission du Vih chez les jeunes. 50% des nouvelles infections liées au Vih/Sida sont diagnostiqués chez les jeunes âgés de 15 à 24 ans.

17 Dec, 2009

Nepal/Stigma: Nepal: Widows break tradition - wear red

KATHMANDU (IPS) - Bhagwati Adhikari was a teenager when she was married off to a village boy of the same caste. Just a few years later when she was in her early 20s, she became a widow. Her husband, who worked as a security guard in Kathmandu, was murdered. Adhikari was left alone to support her family. When Bhagwati got married, she was just starting eighth grade but had to quit school when she moved to her husband’s family. Her in-laws would not let her study.

14 Dec, 2009

Global/Prevention-Microbicides: Microbicide hopes dashed again

JOHANNESBURG, 14 December 2009 (PlusNews) - A four-year clinical trial involving nearly 10,000 women in East and Southern Africa has found that the vaginal microbicide gel, PRO 2000, is safe but not effective at preventing HIV infection. The trial, known as MDP 301, found that women who applied a vaginal gel containing a 0.2 percent dose of PRO 2000 before sex were infected with HIV at about the same rate as women who applied a placebo gel. During the course of the trial at six research sites in South Africa, Uganda, Zambia and Tanzania, 130 women in the PRO 2000 gel group and 123 in the plac

14 Dec, 2009

Prevention-Microbicides: Recent Development in Microbicide Studies: Statement on Early Generation

(Dec. 14, 2009) — Today the UK-based Microbicide Development Programme (MDP), a partnership of African and European researchers, announced the results of its Phase III clinical trial of PRO 2000, a vaginal gel being tested to prevent HIV transmission to women during sex.

12 Dec, 2009

México/Prevention: Propone la Secretaría de Salud incrementar compra de condones femeninos

El secretario de Salud, José Ángel Córdova Villalobos, propuso al Consejo Nacional para la Prevención y Control del VIH/sida (Conasida) incrementar el volumen de compra de condones para mujeres, con el propósito de contrarrestar la feminización de la epidemia y por una cuestión de equidad de género. Por primera vez este año, el Centro Nacional para el Control del VIH/sida (Censida) adquirirá 250 mil preservativos para mujeres, gracias a un convenio de colaboración con el Fondo de Población de Naciones Unidas.

10 Dec, 2009

Nigeria / epidemic: 60 percent of HIV/AIDS victims in country 'are women'

Bauchi — Chairman of the Bauchi State Agency for the Control of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis/Leprosy and Malaria (BACATMA), Rilwanu Muhammad, has said of about three million people living with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria, 60 per cent are women just as majority of them live in the rural areas thereby making it very difficult for them to access adequate medical attention. Mohammed stated this while speaking to newsmen shortly after outlining his Agency's plan of action for next year. He said statistics available to his Agency indicated that over 13,000 people are currently infected with the HIV/AIDS virus in

10 Dec, 2009
Tags: violence

Kenya / violence: Alarm as half of women with HIV abused

Half of Kenyan women living with HIV/Aids have been physically abused in the past year, according to a new study that highlights the worrisome link between the scourge and violence against women. At least one in two of the victims interviewed said they had been slapped or shoved, 40 per cent had been kicked or beaten, 36 per cent had been hit with an object while 31 per cent had been threatened by use of a knife or a weapon. “These results are indicative of high levels of physical violence against women by their partners ...

4 Dec, 2009

Namibia / epidemic: HIV/AIDS decreasing among expectant mothers

The HIV/AIDS prevalence among expectant mothers in Namibia is decreasing since 2002, Prime Minister Nahas Angula said this week. “It is indeed very encouraging to see that our efforts over many years of fighting HIV/AIDS in Namibia are indeed bearing fruits,” he said. Angula said this during the annual commemoration of World AIDS Day.




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