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Stay abreast of the latest information and happenings related to women and AIDS across the world. 

The latest from the GCWA

8 Jul, 2009

Zimbabwe / Prevention: AIDS number one cause of maternal deaths. Simple interventions could reduce maternal deaths by 46 percent

 A new maternal mortality study names HIV and AIDS as the cause of one in four maternal deaths in Zimbabwe.

8 Jul, 2009

World / Gender: Gender Finally Moving to Forefront of AIDS Fight

With women now comprising 61 percent of all people infected with HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa, international donors, governments and advocacy organisations are looking more closely at the connections between HIV/AIDS and gender inequality. A new report released last week by two Washington-based think tanks, the Centre for Global Development (CGD) and the International Centre for Research on Women (ICRW), more closely explores the connection between HIV/AIDS and gender inequality, and to what extent donors and countries are using this knowledge to help in the fight against AIDS.

6 Jul, 2009

Uganda / Criminalization: Burden of HIV disclosure falls on Uganda's women

Glorius Kyarihunda was murdered by her husband at 25 years old. The man hacked his wife of 10 years to death with a machete in Western Uganda when she returned home to retrieve her belongings. Days earlier, Glorius' husband blamed her for his positive HIV test. According to the Ugandan branch of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, Glorius was one of five women murdered in 2008 under similar circumstances. Thousands more suffered abuse or eviction.

3 Jul, 2009

Kenya / Gender: Role for men in Gender Equality

The recent Gender Festival in Kenya has underlined the important role that male activism can play in achieving gender equality and women's empowerment.  "Men have a role to play when it comes to ensuring gender equity. It is not just a women's affair. Gender equality does not mean women are ruling over men.

26 Jun, 2009

Zambia / Prevention-PMTCT: Zambia Exclusive Breastfeeding Study (ZEBS)

Background We previously reported no benefit of early weaning for HIV-free survival of children born to HIV-infected mothers in intent-to-treat analyses. Since early weaning was poorly accepted, we conducted a secondary analysis to investigate whether beneficial effects may have been hidden. Methods 958 HIV-infected women in Lusaka, Zambia, were randomized to abrupt weaning at 4 months (intervention) or to continued breastfeeding (control). Children were followed to 24 months with regular HIV PCR tests and examinations to determine HIV infection or death.

6 Apr, 2009

Global / universal access: Priorities identified by Women for Universal Acces

In preparation for the June UN High Level Meeting on AIDS, for the first time in the 30 year history of AIDS, women from around the world to speak to the successes, challenges, and key lessons learned. Five key priorities were identified through the consultations: 1: Inclusive and holistic prevention, treatment, care, and support for women in all of their diversity 2: Solidarity 3: Gender equality 4: Safety 5: Education, including sexuality education   Documents To read a global summary of the consultation, read the  global priorities.pdf Summary fact sheets regional priorities - as

3 Mar, 2009

World / Policy: Campaign fights growing Aids rate in women

NEW YORK: The United Nations launched a global campaign yesterday to prevent girls and women from contracting HIV, now the leading cause of death and disease among women worldwide between the reproductive ages of 15 and 49. The UN Aids agency and singer and Aids activist Annie Lennox unveiled a five-year plan to review a 1994 platform to achieve equality for women.

2 Mar, 2009
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World / Policy: UNAIDS takes action to empower women and girls to protect themselves from HIV

N to support civil society and governments to address gender inequalities and human rights violations that continue to put women and girls at risk of HIV infection UNAIDS, together with celebrated artist and activist for women and HIV, Annie Lennox, has launched an Agenda for Accelerated Country Action for Women, Girls, Gender Equality and HIV (2010–2014), which has been developed to address gender inequalities and human rights violations that continue to put women and girls at risk of HIV infection. The five-year action plan was launched at a high-level panel during the 54th meeting on the

15 Feb, 2009
Tags: policy

Botswana / global policy: Tlou chairs Global Task Force on Women and AIDS

University of Botswana Lecturer and Former Minister of Health, Professor Sheila Dinotshe Tlou, has been asked by several international organisations to use her expertise and experience to assist with health problems at global level. These have been mostly in the area of HIV and AIDS in which her long term accomplishments are widely recognised.

7 Feb, 2009

Cuba / Gender: VIH/sida, desde una perspectiva de género

La Habana (PL). La mitad de las personas que viven con el VIH en todo el mundo son mujeres.




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