Our Principles

The Global Coalition on Women and AIDS (GCWA) uphold and strive to further the achievement of the following cross-cutting principles:

Women and girls’ leadership must be at the heart of the HIV response:

The meaningful participation and leadership of women and girls in all of their diversity, with women living with HIV at the centre, is essential to ensure that HIV responses effectively meet their needs and uphold their rights.  Women and girls equal and direct involvement and leadership in policies, programmes and decision-making processes at all levels must be supported and respected.  The work undertaken by the GCWA is inclusive of and responsive to women of all ages and status, including those living with and affected by HIV and those who have traditionally been marginalized.

Women and girls’ must be supported to live with dignity and health:

Women and girls in all of their diversity must be supported to access comprehensive, affordable and non-discriminatory HIV and sexual and reproductive health and rights information, education and services. This is essential to empower women and girls, in particular those living with or vulnerable to HIV, to protect their own lives, health and well-being. In its work, the GCWA will create space for horizontal collaboration to advance health, rights and gender equality for all women and girls.

Together, we can achieve gender equality in HIV responses:

Partnerships are vital to furthering the cause of women and girls in the HIV response. The GCWA works to foster multi-stakeholder partnerships and welcomes diverse constituencies, including networks of women living with HIV, women’s rights organizations, AIDS service organizations, faith-based organizations, networks of women from key populations, care-giving networks, the private sector, and the United Nations (UN) system. In addition, a core component of building effective partnerships is working with traditional and cultural leaders, as well as men and boys for gender equality, who can play a pivotal role in addressing harmful socio-cultural norms and practices, as well as statutory and customary legal frameworks that reinforce gender inequality and increase women's vulnerability to HIV and gender-based violence.

The human rights of women and girls must be upheld:

Human rights violations, including those to sexual and reproductive health and rights, heighten women’s vulnerability to HIV, while also impacting their access to prevention, treatment, care and support. The GCWA recognises that gender-based violence, as a cause and a consequence of HIV, is a human rights violation. The GCWA envisions a world where the lives of all women and girls are free of violence or the threat of violence. The GCWA will serve as a strategic resource, providing information and facilitating knowledge sharing and joint action to further gender-transformative, rights-based HIV responses.

Investing in women and girls is investing in a better world for us all:

Investments in women and girls directly improve their lives, while also contributing to building healthy and equitable societies. To bring about social transformation and positive change that respond to the realities, needs and rights of women, governments and development partners must give priority to allocation of adequate resources for the HIV response. Programmes, policies and interventions that safeguard and advance women and girls needs and rights in the context of HIV, including their sexual and reproductive health and rights, must be fully funded and supported. The GCWA will serve as an advocate for the sustainability of investment and actions to meet the needs and rights of women and girls in the HIV response.