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New research highlights needs of young people most at risk of HIV

09 Jun, 2015
By: International HIV/AIDS Alliance

The Population Council has released three new briefings as part of its role as research partner in the Dutch-funded Link Up project.

Two of the briefs describe the findings from the baseline surveys of men who have sex with men in Myanmar, and women who sell sex in the brothels of Bangladesh.

The third brief examines a series of in-depth interviews conducted with women who sell sex in Adama, Ethiopia.

“By detailing key findings and describing the needs of these populations, the research teams hope that this research will help the partners who are implementing this project strengthen their ongoing interventions”, said Brady Zieman, Staff Associate at The Population Council.

In the coming weeks, an additional brief will be published which focuses on the needs of young people living with HIV in Uganda.

Link Up is an ambitious project which is improving the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) of more than one million young people in Bangladesh, Burundi, Ethiopia, Myanmar and Uganda.

As the Link Up project continues into its third year, the Population Council has begun preparing to carry out the endline surveys in Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Uganda.

“By comparing the results of the endline surveys against our baseline findings, we will be able to show how Link Up activities have affected the sexual and reproductive health and rights of young members of key populations” said Brady.

The Population Council is also conducting operations research in Bangladesh and Uganda.  Research assistants have been trained to collect information about the attitudes and experiences that young Ugandans have regarding the roles of men and women in society, gender equality, and gender-based violence. With data collectors seeking information from participants as young as 10 years old, this study will provide a unique perspective on the factors that influence gender attitudes and norms among adolescents.

For more information on the research, view the Population Council website.

Experiences with pregnancy among female sex workers in Ethiopia: A Link Up exploratory study by Population Council, Miz-Hasab Research Center, Organization for Social Services for AIDS. (April 2015)

Sexual and reproductive health among young female sex workers in Bangladesh brothels—Baseline findings from Link Up by Population Council (April 2015)

Sexual health and HIV risk behaviors of men who have sex with men in Myanmar— Baseline findings from Link Up by Population Council, Burnet Institute (April 2015)