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Recommendations of the Civil Society Forum on Drugs on the UNGASS outcome document

10 Nov, 2015

Possibilities for the EU to involve the CSF on drugs in its work on the UNGASS and other areas of drug policy There are various ways in which the EU can involve the CSF in its deliberations:

  1. Invitation of the CSF to present its recommendations at upcoming HDG meetings
  2. Invitation of the CSF at the National Drugs Coordinators Meetings
  3. Read the CSF suggestions around EU positions at upcoming CND intersessionals and other preparatory UNGASS events
  4. Organisation by the EU Presidency of briefings with the CSF Core Group at the beginning and the end of its mandate
  5. Participation of HDG members in the CSF/HDG joint sessions at the annual CSF meetings
  6. As individual member states of the HDG, engage in constructive dialogue between the National Drug Coordinator and national civil society organisations on EU and international drug policy issues.


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