Gender Equality and Key Populations Results, Gaps and Lessons From the Implementation of Strategies and Action Plans

28 Jul, 2016
By: The Global Fund

The Gender Equality Strategy (2008) and Sexual Orientation and Gender Identities (SOGI) Strategy (2009) were the first formal, strategic commitments by the Board of the Global Fund to addressing these areas within the institution’s policies and investments.
This Rapid Review focuses on the current frameworks for implementing the strategies - the Gender Equality Action Plan 2014-2016 and the Key Populations Action Plan 2014-2017. The review was conducted in January – March 2016 by an independent consultant, informed by over 45 key stakeholder interviews and 70 resources. It focused on the role of the Global Fund Secretariat in developing, implementing, monitoring and promoting the action plans. In this review, you will find the recommendations for actions by the Global Fund Secretariat to fulfil the high profile given to gender equality and key populations in the institution’s strategy for 2017-2022.